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Specialty Counseling for Small Business Owners Facing Covid-19 Challenges

I will help you face reality, but also feel empowered on ways you can pivot. You will leave your session with a plan and knowing that better days lie ahead.

We get real about everything from monthly expenses to alternative revenue streams with real world examples, contacts and connections to help you execute your plan for success.

From small business lenders to web developers and professional services, I can connect you to people you can trust that are willing to discount their services and help you get things back on the path of success.

I will arm you with a whole toolbox of resources from links to helpful articles, worksheets and places you can go for funding, low cost marketing and so much more.

My Approach

My small business was affected more acutely than most. I have owned a successful fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR and production agency in New York City for almost ten years. I had a thriving business, big clients, a team of full-time staff and a Manhattan office. My business literally came to a screeching halt when NYC shut down and became the epicenter of the crisis.


With no business coming in and tens of thousands of dollars owed to us from net 30 clients I knew I needed to act quickly to secure my future and the future of my incredibly loyal team. As I was navigating for myself, I had the benefit of my former career as a lawyer and a husband in finance to get me quickly connected to sources for advice. I started giving other small business owner friends advice on everything from navigating PPP loan applications to overall business strategy and connecting them to lawyers and articles that will help them figure out how to navigate the reality of what is happening. My friends always told me that this was a Godsend for them and I realized I could offer the same advice to business around the country.


 I have a plan for my business and am actively working on implementing it. I have my days when I still want to cry at the fact that 10 years of hard work vanished into thin air in the blink of an eye, but most days I am hopeful and excited about the future. I want to help you get to that place too! I will give you real talk and help you face the reality of your business now and a few months from now, but invigorate you with actionable steps you can take to secure yourself for the future.

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About Lori Riviere

Lori Riviere is an accomplished small business owner who has had every opportunity of privilege at her disposal. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in advertising from the University of Florida and obtained a law degree from the University of Miami School of Law. She went on to practice law handling civil litigation for both a law firm and a major insurance company for over 5 years before pivoting to the fashion industry.


She started her agency in her living room with a laptop with no virtually contacts in the industry. She hustled and built a business serving global brands and working on top tier fashion shows at New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, London Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week. She juggles an active family life with a three year old and a 6 month old baby and calls Brooklyn home.


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About My Services

I  offer an hour skype, facetime or zoom session for $150 that includes follow up with via email sending you links to resources that can help you put the plan we develop into action. I also connect you to via email to people that can help your business survive and thrive and you will get access to a private facebook page where you can meet other small business owners and continued advice and resources.


Can't afford $150? I get it. Reach out to me via email to request discounted 15-30 min consult. I have a family I help support so I get that for some of you, $150 just isn't in the cards and I am committed to helping you too. 

I’ve scheduled 3 zoom sessions w/ Lori in the past month she has helped my company immensely. She has guided me through the SBA COVID-19 loans & grants as well as advised me on best way to handle the uncertain future. My talks w/ Lori have empowered me to pivot from our current business & create something new & fresh so we can weather the economic storm small businesses are currently facing.  Thank you again, Lori & looking forward to our next call.

Bobby H., Owner

Order Direct, LLC


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